Latin Phrases That May Come in Handy

Ignotum Per Ignotius

The phrase "ignotum per ignotius" ("the unknown by the more unknown") refers to an unhelpful explanation that is just as confusing as that which it is attempting to explain.

Imperium In Imperio

Meaning "an empire within an empire," the Latin phrase "imperium in imperio" can be used literally to refer to a self-governing state confined within a larger one.

Ad astra per aspera

One of the most popular Latin phrases, meaning, "Through adversity to the stars," this utterance is generally used to describe the perseverance resulting in a favourable outcome.

Perfect Tenses in the Latin Language

Latin (Past) Perfect Tense

Generally simply called the perfect tense, this tense refers to an action that has been completed. Either a simple past tense ending (e.g., "-ed") or the auxiliary verb "have" conveys the perfect tense. Ex.: I walked - ambulavi. You may also translate it: "I have walked."

Latin Pluperfect Tense

A verb is in the pluperfect tense if it was completed prior to another. Usually the auxiliary verb "had" signifies a pluperfect verb. Ex.: I had walked - ambulaveram.

Latin Future Perfect Tense

Future perfect is used to convey an action that will have been completed prior to something else. "Will, have" are the customary auxiliary verbs. Ex.: I will have walked - ambulavero.

Useful Tips on Learning a Language

The Intensity Of Study Is More Important Than The Length
Language requires a lot of repetition, a lot of reference experiences, and a consistent commitment and investment. It’s better to dedicate a particular period of your life to it, even if it’s only 1-2 weeks.
Start With The Most Common Words
Start with the 100 most common words and then make sentences with them over and over again. Learn just enough grammar to be able to do this and do it until you feel pretty comfortable with all of them.
Keep Practicing In Your Head
We all have monologues running in our head, and typically they run in our native tongue. Challenge yourself to think in the new language.


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